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About Us...

If you have a story to tell about people or events in Lansdowne, Lyndhurst, Ivy Lea, Rockport, Seeley's Bay, the Islands, or any of our rural communities, we'd love to hear it! 

Our Purpose:

  • to discover and promote the importance of our township in the development of Ontario;
  • to preserve our history through a permanent collection of archives; to research and compile authentic records of sites of historical interest; and
  • to share our history with the community by publishing our newsletter, holding meetings, participating in community events, and providing access through the web.

The Executive Officers     2023 - 2024

  • President:  Glennda Olivier
  • Vice-President  / Past President:  Pierre Mercier
  • Secretary:  Wilhelmina Lacelle
  • Treasurer:  Connie Burns

Committee Chairs

  • Publicity:  Donna Dempsey
  • Program Co-ordinator:  Janet Gaylord
  • Newsletter:  Pierre Mercier
  • Membership Co-ordinator:  Robert Burtch
  • Website:  James Saynor
  • Fundraising:  Cheryl Handa-Peters
  • Archives:  Donalda Dorey
  • Social:  Betty Bradley


  • Mary Robertson
  • Chris Gibbons
  • Freda White
  • Marcus Letourneau
  • Guy Laroque

Honourary Lifetime Members

  • Bill Boulton
  • Audrey Newell


The Leeds and 1000 Islands Historical Society was formed in 1992 and incorporated in January 1994 as an affiliate member of the Ontario Historical Society. Originally Front of Leeds and Lansdowne Historical Society, the name was changed to Leeds & 1000 Islands Historical Society when the township was amalgamated in 2001. We are grateful to our executive officers, committee members, and community partners for their ongoing support of our work.